About Us

Company “Globus” – 2000 Ltd. was established in 1991.
Currently, the main activity of the company is tourism, construction, property management, as well as the management and organization of service built complexes.
A summary of the activities of the company in the first years of operation:

1998 – It was built and opened restaurant “Globus” in Plovdiv. For a short time managed to establish itself with high quality and reasonable prices.

1999-2001 -Develops a chain of 11 fast food at universities in Plovdiv and Smolyan. Found two new restaurants, which the company manages in Plovdiv and Smolyan.

2002 – Bought a hostel “Коkiche” in TC “Sunny Beach”. Was completely renovated the facility, which began operating as a hostel round. In the complex is built and restaurant “Kokiche” – a trademark for quality in Sunny Beach today.

2004 – Built a new hotel block “Kokiche” which capacity reaches 400 hotel beds. The restaurant is expanding to the second floor and built a new kitchen block. Gradually replaced the furniture of the hotel. Is set up together with a newly built by “Alma Holidays” hotel “Jasmine” whole complex “Sunny Garden”, who becomes more popular in the foreign market. Welcome tourists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Denmark and many other nationalities. The complex is very popular on the Bulgarian market.

2005 – There has been a further expansion of the hotel “Kokiche”, reaching beds of 260 rooms and 6 suites (540 beds). There is a terrace bar, internet club, games room, and a new covered part of the restaurant.

2006 – To luxuriously renovated restaurant “Globus” in Plovdiv started the construction of a city hotel with 25 rooms and a shopping center.

2007 – In the resort. Sunny Beach is build building for seasonal use with 21 apartments and studios, which was sold in 2007-2008 pedioda entirely.

2009 – The company continues its development in the restaurant and opened a fancy restaurant in the center of town. Sofia – restaurant “Globus” capacity – 120 seats, and on it residential. 3 storey building with luxury apartments.

2010 – Built a new part to the hotel “Globus” – Plovdiv capacity -12 double rooms. / 24 beds /.

2011 – Purchased a hotel in the town. Sveti Vlas, which is again converted into a residential building with 31 apartments and studio units for seasonal use.

2013 – 2015 – Continued construction on the Black Sea resorts